HU Loaders


   Since information is legal. What you choose to do with this information is your own responsibility. I understand that this website should not be viewed by anyone. This site is for personal use, is the corporations personal property, and is not to be viewed by anyone but authorized company officials. programming, loading and maintaining DSS and Dish test cards and Hu Cards. All of our products are factory manufactured and go through extensive product testing to assure the highest quality and standards. At Dss we are committed to complete customer satisfaction and we stand behind every product we sell. Not all Dss test cards are created equal. Because of the popularity of these products and cards, many people looking to make a quick buck have setup websites. You can also call and speak to us if you have any questions or concerns. We've been doing this for a long time, and we'll be here to support you in the far future. The bootstrap loader factory is used to create bootstrap loaders. This insures that the bootstrap loader is available to more than one user. Each call to the factory creates a bootstrap loader that may be used more than once. The factory version of the bootstrap loader has a special domain keeper that is prompt. This domain keeper forces the domain to return the caller with a return code of two if any trap occurs. This makes the bootstrap loader prompt. DSS test cards are SmartCards that fit into Digital Satellite Receivers allowing the receiver to authorize and watch all channels, including Pay Per View. HU Cards are the latest access cards for use on Satellite TV descramblers. The previous generations of cards were called H cards. Some receivers will take both cards, while The HU card is a newer card and it should be in use in satellite TV descramblers only use the files for informational purposes, not to harm anyone. I will not use the files to crack programs. I will not use any of the files to destroy or hurt other people's computers, equipment, goods, or services. I will not download any files or purchase any equipment unless I live in a country that allows me to legally use them. I will never sue anyone that does, I will not testify to what I saw on this page.

      If you want to try a program, YOU MUST DELETE it within 24 hours of downloading even if you can't get it to work! SO, LET IT BE CLEAR I CAN'T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BAD USE OF THIS KNOWLEDGE! We are not responsible, or liable, for injuries, damages, or any liability as the result of, or resulting from, the intentional acts of any person including, but not limited to, the owner or assembler of the product, or persons using the product. Further, we are not responsible, or liable, for injuries, damages, or any liability as the result of, or resulting from, the negligence of any person or corporation, including, but not limited to, the users of the product, the assembler of the product, any owner of the product, any persons maintaining or inspecting the product. We are not responsible, or liable, for injuries, damages, or any liability as the result of, or resulting from, the improper maintenance of the product, improper surfacing below the product, improper assembly of the product, or purchase and inspection of wood (including treating and handling of the wood). I understand the web server that hosts this site is responsible for what I do with the information that I get from this site.

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